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BOB WOOLSEY was born in the mysterious wilderness of northern British Columbia, Bob's hobbies include algebra, sluething, and the reading of classical literature. An avid perfomer and stageman, Bob is like a white Arsenio Hall. ANDREW MENZIES was born in Richmond. Andrew is known for his sudden bouts of rage, followed by a meek contemplativness and questions about the universe. Also, one of his legs is two inches longer than the other. All things considered, Andrew is a modern day Bert Wheeler. Andrew and Bob met in 2005 at film school. At first, they held a bitter rivalry full of violence and sexual misconduct. A mutual love of justice turned the two into friends, and they have been producing comedy together ever since. Bob and Andrew hope to one day become rich and famous, so they can quit their jobs, move to Hollywood, and spend all day by the pool, surrounded by vacant whores and "yes men". They'd also like run a farm.