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My name is Benjamin James and I’m a producer for a local digital media studio in Portland called Revolver Digital Media Studio, LLC which is privately owned and operated outside of Portland. The business was started in late 2005 by Jeremiah L. Scott, Chris Roller, and Bryan R. Thompson. The guys had a childhood bond that was established in their wonder years in Dallas Oregon. During Bryan’s days at the Art institute of Portland the guys worked on several projects which ultimately lead to the forming of Revolver Digital Media Studio. I was introduced to the group when I hired Revolver to handle the post-production on a short television pilot I was working on. The group continued to work with me for several months before they ultimately offered me an owner position in the company in January 2008. Revolver has worked with a variety of clients ranging from local indie music artists to well known high talent actors in the city of Portland; we recently shot a music video for King Black Acid one of which is from the new Underworld 3 soundtrack.