We Are Here To Make You Laugh

Born in Clarendon, Jamaica-WI. Migrate to New York in 1989. I am the Producer of Backyard-TV, Headquarters in the Bronx, New York. Backyard-TV is Broadcast each week to the entire Tristate area on the Caribbean International Network (CIN) Channel 73 at 11:30pm. My mission is To inform, educate and entertain audiences with innovative and exciting programming. Our show includes: hot party scenes, artist interviews, humor, music videos, a rasta health segment, and a dancing segment, etc. We also broadcast in the Bronx on Channel 68 -Tuesdays at 11PM... Feel free to contact me with your questions. You can send promotional VIDEOS/MUSIC to: Backyard-TV at 727 East 236 Street, Bronx, New York 10466. You can also email to: Contact us at: (917) 913-4516 or 718 559-8560. Remember! "Dance A Yard Before You Dance A Broad". In 2009 Howell started a new company name NHK Technology, (for retail of security surveillance equipment) surveillance ccd cameras, dvr, etc. also, please check out: for all things jamaica.