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Liberal Internet Activist: LGBT COMMUNITY - Human Rights Campaign (HRC), The American Gay & Lesbian Task Force, Servicemen's Legal Defense Fund (SLDN), GLAAD, GLSEN, One Voice LGBT Community Center, Equality Arizona, pro-gay marriage (not personally interested), "Dump Doma", pro-ENDA, end DADT, gay bars, restaurants, gay B&Bs, gay-friendly hotels, Gay Pride Parade & Festival, and more. ATHEISM - Freedom From Religion Foundation (; Humanist Society of Greater Phoenix (; Council on Secular Humanism; The Brights; American Atheists, American Humanist Association; Atheist Alliance; People For the American Way (; Americans United for Separation of Church and State ( & more. VETERANS - Disabled American Veterans (DAV); The American Legion; Veterans For Peace (VFP); Vietnam Veterans of America (; Vietnam Veterans Against the War (;; etc. ENVIRONMENT/ECOLOGY - Environmental Defense Fund; Sierra Club, Greenpeace; Natural Resources Defense Council; Wilderness Society; and several others. HUMANITARIANISM - The William Jefferson Clinton Foundation; Amnesty International, Oxfam; Feed the Hungry; Doctors Without Borders; Childrens' Defense Fund,, etc. SENIORS - American Association of Retired Persons (; Senior Center; Area Agency on Aging; PRISM (gay), SAGE (gay), etc. ANIMAL RIGHTS - The Humane Society of The United States, Dog Town; American Society for the Protection of Animals (, etc. POLITICS - Democratic National Committee (DNC); Progressive Democrats of America (; Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC), many more. OTHER PROGRESSIVE GROUPS - (perhaps will list later).