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Dan has been working as an actor, writer, filmmaker, and photographer over the last 12 years. A founding member of Awkward Silence sketch comedy troupe, Dan’s live comedy resume includes appearances at Second City, The Groundlings, Yuk Yuks, as well as the Comedy Store in Los Angeles. In 2012 he founded Awkward Silence Productions, and wrote, produced, and starred in the short films SCR_ _ BLE, Awkward Goodnight, Born This Way, and Mandella. All 4 films went on to receive international film festival success including numerous Audience Choice and Best Actor nods, appearing in over 20 international film festivals including Toronto’s CFC Worldwide, Berlin, Cucalorus, Los Angeles, Australia, and Puerto Rico. Ben’s At Home ( marks my graduation to writing feature films. Alternating between Toronto and Los Angeles, Dan is always looking to collaborate. And apparently he writes in the third person. Wierd. If you wanna work together drop me line through one of these sites:

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