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Matt McCoy--Kinda like a human teddy-bear. He's the coolest black (but acts SO white) person you'll ever meet. The most attractive member of the group by far. Zak Collin--Swoll, fun, cool, active..none of these describe Zak. He's the meanest person you'll ever meet. (Don't tell him I told you, it's a secret. Doug Collin--Basically a small version of Zak. Small meaning short. Equally fat, Doug tends to be Boy, you should see him when he's in the lockeroom. Watch you ass! Literally. Keep an eye on it. Hayden Perkins--Man...this is one crazy kid. Like I said, he likes to spread eagle. Imagine spending a whole day cleaning out the bottom of an ancient Greek bath-house with your teeth. It's 10 times more fun than hanging out with this guy. Chris Larsen--This one likes him. He smells like boogers and doesn't plan on wiping his ass any time soon. Kidding. He might wipe it next week sometime. Hector Rodriguez--It's pretty obvious why he's on the list last. Because he's a MEXICAN!! He's probably the most mature out of the group, but that's not saying much.