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Attack With Care dive bombs out of Seattle on a mission to rock your world! The trio of singer and guitarist Tom Esch, bassist Michael Warren and drummer Matt Taylor fuse the hard rocking and comedic elements of bands like Weezer, The Foo Fighters, OK Go and Blink 182. Attack With Care loves to make you chuckle even as they melt your face off with chunky riffs and blistering fills. Best of all, you’ll be singing their songs all the way home, wishing the show had never stopped! While much of their music is energetic, super-charged and a flat out rush to listen to, it also squeezes in plenty of dynamic and even moody moments filled with rewarding surprises (kind of like a drunken first date). Sharing childhoods filled with rock, alternative and pop, the members of Attack With Care love to bring those musical passions to the stage and to their recordings. Created after a tumultuous Craigslist mash-up, they eventually ended up practicing in the basement of a local school after being shut down by a handful of overzealous neighbors. Fortunately, they pressed on and eventually wound up recently recording their first full length self-titled album. Since then, they’ve been playing shows in the greater Seattle area, plucking fans from thin air and leaving them humming their tunes helplessly for weeks on end.