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Episode I: Transformation Oy Vey and Ouch! This is a ten-part mini-series event about a Jewish kid raised in the former Soviet Republic of Azerbaijan, a primarily Muslim country, who emigrates to Israel after the fall of the Soviet State. In true Israeli fashion, his welcome includes a mandatory circumcision - at the age of 16! Oy vey and OUCH! The first episode reveals Gleb Kaminer's transformation into all of the characters that pervade this Jewish nightmare: the Mohel, a loyal circumcision specialist; Dr. Rubenstein, a jaded and eccentric surgeon; Gleb's unenthusiastic Dad; an Angry Hospital Worker; a Perky Female Nurse and numerous hospital patients. It will make you laugh, cry, cringe, and cheer, possibly all at once. And one would think that all of his problems are finally over, but it was in fact just a beginning.... Episode II: Cut Off And Connected We conclude our circumcision ritual where now, the petrified Gleb has to deal with his damaged piece of work. And in order to that he goes back telling a detailed story about his motherland, family and a little history lesson about where he came from – Azerbaijan, a Muslim country under the Soviet rule and its everlasting war to keep a small piece of land called, “Nagorno-Karabakh” away from the Armenian hands. The most important point of the story comes when he describes his grandpa who survived because he was circumcised and simply a homeless, without his parents, kid who wondered the streets of rural Azerbaijan. The realization and immediate connection to politics and religion makes us understand the world we live in today through this absurd style of story telling; yet stating it as normal. And Gleb's immediate connection to this religious rite and the war that started again right after the fall of the Soviet Union and their escape to Israel.... Episode III: The Covenant Humanity came to know about the act of circumcision through the Old Testament and the knowledge about our straight connection to God, hence the name Israel (that means, “to struggle with God”). In this episode Gleb questions and explores the fact about a false stigma about the Jewish nation. War in Azerbaijan was on and Gleb decided to join a local class where he'd study Hebrew and his first acknowledgment to the Abraham's story. Transformed into Abraham and Sarah characters, in this episode, he explores connecting the dots between the everlasting story and his journey by going deeper into his family roots. Another question that he asks is why most of the nations respect this religious act when in reality hating each other to death? Here's a little line from episode III, “They swing their circumcised cocks at one another like crazy roosters, all pumped up, ready for a kill without any idea why? Why are they fighting? Why?”... Episode IV: The Healing Imagination Takes Over After the cutting, the healing time, which might take up to a month, lends itself to an internal journey. We view a dream like sequence that takes us into Gleb's imagination. Scenes revolve around how he wants to handle the physical and emotional stress of being a teenager while going through so many changes at once. When the painkillers stop the imagination begins with bizarre and odd new thoughts. Do they make Jewish kilts? Large boxer shorts giving one space in the place that one need it most?). And strange yet familiar images with Gleb trying on baseball caps. These items are used as means of necessity, to finally fit in. Episode V: “Put Your Hands in the Air!” - a music video - Comic Relief Episode VI: Israeli Army Rabin, Clinton, Arafat and Monica Lewinsky Israeli Army comes calling. In the boot camp, a neurotic doctor examines the privates of each and every one of the soldiers, establishing their health and fitness for what they are about to embark. And Gleb, (proud to show his newly cut personality) is somewhat mischievous as he stands waiting to take his turn. That same doctor reminds him of Dr. Rubinstein, the circumcision surgeon in the first episode. Again, as absurd as it may be, the real question of who we are in this world and the meaning of circumcision stays with us throughout the whole piece. Maybe Jews were just trying to be practical? Well, if you're not you're in trouble just like the conflict in the Middle East: “Remember that famous picture? Arafat on the right, Clinton in the middle, Rabin on the left, you know, the guy who really WON Nobel Prize? They sign a peace treaty, Rabin gets shot, Arafat goes back to terrorism and Clinton scores a blow job from a Jewish chick.” I mean, they all hold on to Abraham's covenant, right? Episode VII: The Meaning and Test Band of Brothers Circumcision means to get read of your inhibitions. Stories guide us to better ourselves, but if taken literally, they loose their power and become a pantomime of illiterate folk. But I want to go back to my circumcised brothers and quote the following from my fellow writer, William Shakespeare: ”But we in it shall be remembered. We few, we happy few, we band of brothers; for he today that sheds his foreskin with me shall be my brother...” Another test prepared for was to become a combat instructor in the Israeli Army which would mark a breaking point in his journey and if survived, a surprise that would blow your sock right off. A nightmarish course taught at the same place where Special Forces train, a grueling training and the final exam to become a Krav Maga instructor. Again, Gleb would play all the characters resembling the fact and the outcome.... Episode VIII: Realization Muslims My Friends As a seasoned soldier and a self-defense instructor Gleb ponders upon yet another question and takes us back to his motherland, Soviet Azerbaijan, where as he remembers, most of his friends, if not the best friends were Muslims. He questions himself about the nature's balance and compares his national duty and his conscience. He looks and examines the new recruits who are ready to go and kill an Arab, but all he can he see at that moment is his Muslim friends from Azerbaijan. He finds himself stuck. He finds himself remembering those nights when his friends showed him a secrete path to a secrete shrine where they all prayed for the better, where no nationality or color mattered, where friendship most at its peak. What would you do? Episode IX: Lottery Journey Not Over Yet Abraham, or how Gleb puts it prepared a little surprise for him. Being down for weeks about his thoughts, he walks the streets of Tel-Aviv and finds a newspaper with an add in it: “Green card Lottery”. What that hell is this? Is Abraham playing a game with me? Haven't I gone through enough? He buys the newspaper and shares it with his wife. Again, the whole question about who we are and where do we belong reopens a new chapter in Gleb's world. Maybe my journey isn't over and this is only the beginning? What in the name of Abraham would it take me next? He didn't know; no one would. But back at the base where he was doing his duty, a phone call came through for him, it was his wife and she tells him that they won the green card lottery and a big envelope from the united states of America is waiting for him at home. Who would've thought that after all that happened, after all those one would think unfortunate events, and it luckily had to be right at the end of his mandatory service he ad his wife would embark upon yet another journey.... Episode X: The Anthem of the Circumcised! - a music video Finale … Maybe