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A Paramedical Funhouse!

The Art of Bleeding is a uniquely non-accredited educational institution offering powerful and ego-destabilizing lessons in health and safety. Our presentations (often staged from an ambulance) utilize live performance, film, puppets, music, animation, and thinly veiled medical fetishism to explore the topic of catastrophic health emergencies within the framework of children's television programming. Also, THE GORY DETAILS PROJECT is Art of Bleeding's audio survey of medical emergency narratives -- stories describing your broken bones, burns, cuts, and crashes. Recordings are collected two ways 1) IN-PERSON Occasionally we take to the streets, traveling and recording stories in our ambulance. If you'd like to be notified about these sessions, please sign up for our event list. http// 2) THE GORY DETAILS HOTLINE 1-888-467-8535. Call day or night, follow the recorded instructions, and leave your story. Or you can click here, to LISTEN to stories from the Gory Details Audio Libary http//