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May 05, 2016

How To Tell If Your Relationship Is A Ross And Rachel, Cory And Topanga, Or Ray And Debra (From Everybody Loves Raymond)

Everyone wants to be in the perfect relationship, but what does that even mean? Is there ONE perfect type of relationship? No. There are exactly THREE different types.

The three relationships types

Ross and Rachel: These lovestruck FRIENDS carried a legendary “will they or won’t they” vibe that kept things sometimes hopeful, sometimes heartbreaking, but always unpredictable and exciting.

Cory and Topanga: Unwavering soulmates from first meeting to last dance. This relationship had ups and downs, thick and thin, but when BOY MEETS WORLD, girl was always standing right by his side.

Ray and Debra (From Everybody Loves Raymond): In a rut? Yes. Bickering constantly? Sure. Going to get divorced? No chance. While it may not be true that EVERYBODY LOVES RAYMOND all the time, at least Debra did, usually.

Take the quiz below to see which of the three types your current relationship is!

When you’re deciding what to eat for dinner...

Every night, before falling asleep...

When you tell your partner you would like to hang out with your friends tonight...

You tell each other “I love you” most often when...

Our perfect Sunday together consists of...

The moment we are at our worst as a couple is the moment...

The moment we are at our best as a couple is the moment...

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