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Published July 18, 2012
    |Trollzor|-----------: OMG I JUST SHIT MYSELF |Trollzor|-----------: BRB ----------- L?ve: LLLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEROOOOOOYYYYYYY |Trollzor|-----------: Cleaned it |Trollzor|-----------: my mom asked me what the smell is |Trollzor|Brrrrraaanflakes: i told her it was the cat |Trollzor|-----------: that he crappeds omewhere |Trollzor|-----------: somewhere |Trollzor|-----------: That actually kinda turned me on! ----------- L?ve: |Trollzor|-----------: ? |Trollzor|-----------: I said it turned me on |Trollzor|-----------: it gave me a boner |Trollzor|-----------: and it felt nice and warm ----------- L?ve: his shit turned you on? |Trollzor|-----------: no my shit |Trollzor|-----------: when i shit myself |Trollzor|-----------: it felt nice and warm and gave me a boner ----------- L?ve: .. ----------- L?ve: thats unethical |Trollzor|-----------: ??? ----------- L?ve: lol i wanted to say disgusting but nvm ----------- L?ve: xD |Trollzor|-----------: -.- |Trollzor|-----------: its not disgusting |Trollzor|-----------: its actually kinda nice |Trollzor|-----------: Try it? for me? ----------- L?ve: you want me to take a hot soft shit so that it turns me on? |Trollzor|-----------: yes ----------- L?ve: dude, you want to know the last time i did that? the first day of my math exam. i went to the bathroom asap and used my entire fucking roll. i sat there, smelling my own shit, about to puke and all i can really do is sit and continue. hoping that i dont smell like this when i get out ----------- L?ve: so ----------- L?ve: no |Trollzor|-----------: Dude |Trollzor|-----------: Try it PLEASE |Trollzor|-----------: It turns me on SOOO much ----------- L?ve: if i took a shit on you, would that turn you on? |Trollzor|-----------: Yes, it would feel VERY nice and warm |Trollzor|-----------: soothing |Trollzor|-----------: relaxing ----------- L?ve: hm ----------- L?ve: and your not repelled ----------- L?ve: AT ALL? |Trollzor|-----------: Repelled by what? |Trollzor|-----------: Ohhhh |Trollzor|-----------: No, im not its really sexy to me ----------- L?ve: my dirty asshole resting on your body leaking bodily waste fluids |Trollzor|-----------: Okay? |Trollzor|-----------: thats pretty sexy to me' ----------- L?ve: i dont get it |Trollzor|-----------: Just turns me on dude |Trollzor|-----------: it gives me a huge boner ----------- L?ve: well ----------- L?ve: if that floats your boat i guess |Trollzor|-----------: i just love the feeling of wallowing in my own shit |Trollzor|-----------: Dude |Trollzor|-----------: Give it a try? |Trollzor|-----------: please? ----------- L?ve: i always avoid those situations |Trollzor|-----------: or shit in your toilet then -TOO GRAPHIC FOR HUMAN EYES- |Trollzor|-----------: it feels nice |Trollzor|-----------: or shit -TOO GRAPHIC FOR HUMAN EYES- ----------- L?ve: alright thats enough ----------- L?ve: subject change |Trollzor|-----------: ??? |Trollzor|-----------: Dude please? ----------- L?ve: i'm sorry. |Trollzor|-----------: :( |Trollzor|-----------: im going to cry because you think im weird ----------- L?ve: your not weird ----------- L?ve: your fetishes are |Trollzor|-----------: Then why dont you try this! ----------- L?ve: because it is unsanitary |Trollzor|-----------: Who cares about fuckin sanitary |Trollzor|-----------: i dont purell my own shit |Trollzor|-----------: I just love it |Trollzor|-----------: it feels VERY nice |Trollzor|-----------: Its also funny when im joking around and wallowing in my own shit |Trollzor|-----------: Lets move on |Trollzor|-----------: Do you like pissing youself? ----------- L?ve: can we move on? |Trollzor|-----------: Sure |Trollzor|-----------: i wanna try pissing on myself |Trollzor|-----------: waht about you? |Trollzor|-----------: hello? ----------- L?ve: no. |Trollzor|-----------: Okay. |Trollzor|-----------: Well sometimes -TOO GRAPHIC FOR HUMAN EYES- |Trollzor|-----------: i pee |Trollzor|-----------: it feels good |Trollzor|-----------: so im just wondering |Trollzor|-----------: if peeing urself |Trollzor|-----------: is the same ----------- L?ve: well try it out |Trollzor|-----------: I was joking this whole time. ----------- L?ve: -__(\