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June 14, 2011

One brave new kind of writer finally comes to the defense of Anthony Weiner and asks the question "Are Weiners really so bad?" Is Collin Powell really black? Did Paula Abdul join the X-factor because she secretly knew her show was going to fail? All these questions and more might be answered but you'll never know if you don't read it.

Everyone’s been talking about the latest pictures and how weiners are bad. Now, let’s talk about the real problem: people who hate weiners. I personally have nothing against weiners. Weiners are great. Think about it who really would? It’s tastey with a little ketchup, you can put it on toothpicks and serve it as a dish, and it’s small enough to fit into a woman’s wallet. Alright, enough about Anthony’s penis.

Not enough to convince you? Here’s a fun fact- I don’t care! 
That’s right. I’m on his side. I know it’s wrong to defend the one man in the world everyone hates right now except for me but I’ll walk the rode alone. That probably doesn’t mean much since I’ve been walking the same rode alone for the past 23 years. But hey, I’m not going to change now because I’m a republican. And republicans stick to what they know. Ok, so I’m not actually a republican I’m undecided. Speaking of undecided I guess that’s the way the republican party is headed right now. They can’t find the right canidate to run for the presidency. I have a feeling america is in trouble and this time Bush won’t be there to save us. Wait a minute, he wasn’t even there the first time to save us. Let’s look at the history shall we

The war- Bailed 
Katrina- Bailed
Kanye West vs. Bush debate- Bailed

It seems to me that Bush should have been a bail bondsmen instead being the president of the United States. I guess we learned a thing or two about Bush the first time we voted him in office so we had to make sure again and we voted him in a second time. Kanye West said it best with the statement “George Bush doesn’t like black people.” How do I know this? I’m black. Don’t get it wrong it’s not that I hate Bush it’s just that I don’t like him.

So to all you Weiner haters out there ask yourself this question. “Where is your phone?”
Because I’m pretty sure if I search any man’s cell phone I will find at least two pictures of a body part not supported by the FCC. It’s a proven fact. We are all sinners. But I’m saved!? If you are saved then you are a saved sinner. See, that’s sinner with a saved in front of it. So holy men (Bob Schafer) get the broom from up your butts and remember that you are only a door knob away from your secrets being pushed out of the closet. That’s right I said pushed out the closet.

Ask me about my Weiner and I will tell you my Weiner doesn’t need rehab. Making Weiner go to rehab is like making R. Kelly date women over the age of 18. Ok, I guess my Weiner should go to rehab!

Anthony Weiner is in no way associated with Oscar Mayer or it’s affiliates. When asked about the latest scandal involving the senator they stated, “Our hot dogs are of the finest quality and are 100% beef. Never have we seen something so ridiculous or so perverted.We would never take credit for a Weiner that small. “

Here is the link at TMZ where you can supposedly see and read more about him. As Ke$ha would say BLAHBLAH (Freaking)BLAH——> The freaking was my original part.

Here’s a funny or stupid statement a user wrote: from diaboliqueguan

“there is nothing sick with what he had done, there are more sick people out there. you cant blame him for being horny! i will do him anytime!!”

Truer words have never been spoken…..lol This person is kinda weird

The only problem I have with photo number 4 is that it’s not photoshoped like photo number 5. The only problem I have with photo number 5 is that it’s not actually photoshop'd. Talk about false advertisement. I’m disapointed that in one picture he looks like a brother of Ryan Renolds and the other one he looks William Defoe’s body double. I’m done talking about Weiners. Okay, so I’m not done talking about them.

Like this article give your thoughts. I will respond……eventually!
Is Anthony wrong or right? If he is right give a pretty good explanation.

Read more: http://photos.tmz.com/galleries/anthony_weiner_at_the_congressional_gym#tab=most_recent#ixzz1PGWPbybk