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Published: November 16, 2010
Description: What happens when you put America's Founding Fathers in modern society and give them Twitter accounts? They tweet about their glory days, of course!


@KiteRunner26 Hey Benny, let's pound a few Four Lokos and hit up the rager Jefferson is throwing at Monticello. Party on, dude! ...

@MrIndependent1776 Hey George, just saw your statue while walking to Trader Joe’s. Couldn’t help but think of the time we snorted coke off Franklin’s kite. …

@Kiterunner26 Yo Benny, is your WiFi down? This Bang Wagon episode is taking forever to load, bro! ...

@TJneedsaBJ Hey, Tommy? Hancock is such a dick. We had a going away card for Franklin at the office, and he filled half of the damn thing with his signature. Typical ...

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