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October 12, 2008


You walk in the store, snap your fingers, and you're still on the phone.
Ask me if I know what you're looking for, if I did they'd pay me more, that would make me a prophet! Ask "Where's the ink?" 'Cuz you don't want to think oh lady get off it!
To have to think would just BLOW YOUR MIND! Cunty Cunterpants, you already know I hate you. Cunty Cunterpants, can't believe that rich fuck wants to date you. Cunty Cunterpants, what will you do? If no one gets it for you? Oh Cunty! Get in your Mercedes and go home. With all those cards in your wallet, there must be one from the Helen Keller Society, 'cuz you can't listen or see, oh Cunty! At least she wrote a book, that takes her off the hook, what about you? Is there anything you CAN do? Besides occassionally screw? You're so useless. I hate you. Cunty Cunterpants....(chorus)