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Dr. Feel Good ( A good hearted widower ( his wife Mandy died from brain cancer 5 years ago ) was a good Doctor turn bad, when he starts dealing pills on the black market. An his only doing so in his attempt to get his only child ( The 22 year old drunk drug addicted pill head daughter of his named Nancy Foley ( Danika Thompson ) ) out of prison for the murder of her then much older than her "on the down low" boyfriend the lawyer Paul Jacobs ( David Faustino ) ( who was killed in his home by a gun owned by Nancy Foley ) an now she is on trial for from killing him you see you dig. But the thing is she was framed for this murder by Paul Jacobs Wife the Cop Mrs. Lorrie Adams Jacobs ( Colby Kline ) who hired on Nancy Foley as a full time in house babysitter for their new born baby son levi. So now her dear old dad Dr. Mike Foley ( Ted Mcginley ) starts dealing pills on the black market with the help of Nancy's B.F.F. since kindergarten and also a pill head the 22 year old Miss. Candis Law ( Jillian Shields ) ( who Dr. Mike Foley starts banging out when doing all this crap for his daughter ) so anyways they are dealing pills on the black market so can fight to save Nancy Foley from a life in prison. ( For doing some sh*t she was f in framed for by that nutty ass bitch Officer Lorrie Adams Jacobs the dead beat mom ) But once they save Nancy from prison in a mistrial in Paul Jacobs case, Nancy teams up with Candis and her Dad on the black market pill dealing an it gets bigger than ever before but Lorrie Adams Jacobs is on their ass because Lorrie wants to kill Nancy and anyone she loves for that matter a. ( An + she is a cop and all an their drug dealers so she has to work the case you dig. ) An all this just because Nancy Foley was having sex with her hubby Paul Jacobs who she killed with Nancy's gun. An well if Dr. Foley is going to keep up his king pin drug dealing ways they just might have to take out Officer Lorrie Adams Jacobs before she gets them you see! Well but in the end Officer Lorrie Adams Jacobs kills Dr. Mike Foley, Nancy Foley, and Candis Law on the job with her gun and then she kills herself by an OD on pills she jacked from them after killing the 3 of them in their own home ( aka Dr. Foley's house ). Putting a tragic ending to a very sick and twisted dark circle pure evilness she started by killing her hubby out of pure jealousy. An as for Levi he ends up in foster care an he grows up to become a doctor. An their you go my friends that is the story the end in this little film i call Dr Feel Good.  Side-note Yes the Motley Crue song Dr. Feel Good will be on the soundtrack. Rated R.) 


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