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Published April 17, 2014 More Info »
Tits ( LA plastic surgeon Dr. Robert Larson ( Danny Pintauro ) is known as a narcissist interested in developing and implanting larger-sized implants popular with erotic dancers and female porn stars but he continues to pursue a more serious, clinical approach for the everyday woman.  Dr. Robert Larson finds a current, safe type of breast implants that will change the world of implants. All he has to do is convince his supervising surgeon this will work, and find a volunteer for the first patient. Dr. Robert Larson gain immense financial success as cosmetic breast augmentation , an he goal is to help the every day woman. Rated T.V. MA dark comedy about the life and times of the young and single straight man named Dr. Robert Larson the breast augmentation guy , who is trying to do right for the first time in his life but it's going to be a long road ahead brah. ) 

Side-Note : 
 "You see if you get a real life gay guy playing a straight guy in this show , the actresses will not feel as wired about showing their tits on cam."