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August 17, 2015

Not all churches are bullshit, in fact, most are not. But there are some, especially ones on TV, that only want your money. John Oliver created one of those churches for his show last night.

Did you go to church yesterday? No? Well don’t worry, because John Oliver legally set up a church that you can send real money to and if you watched the show last night or watch it this morning, it totally counts in Jeezo’s book.

To highlight the ease at which institutions can set themselves up as religious organizations, exempt from taxes and able to scam you out of your own money, Oliver started his own televangelical church. Rachel Dratch showed up, too, in case you weren’t yet convinced to send Our Lady of Perpetual Exemption some of your hard earned cash in turn for them graciously asking for more money.

Check out the clip form last night’s show that delves into just how fucked up these televangelical scams can be.