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Published January 12, 2010
Obviously this is not my thing, but I couldn't resist.  And he might think it's flattering but Overzet will also have to pick the winners.  (yeah, O-Z, that was in the fine print I didn't send to you but thought of in my head, so it totally counts).Check it out in full - Note from the desk of Overzet -  "First off, I want to thank you all for making fun of me.Second, suck my balls rotwang.Results and what not:Honorable mentions and what not:First off, I know what RA means Junkstuff. And YES, they do wear those. Ireally don't know which junker to give the honorable mention to, but ichoose the evil twin whichever one that is. Make yourself known.Grizz: "Overzet Makes me laugh".  - Damn Straight I do.3rd: Jason's "sex robot" comment. ( I don't remember what it was, butchances are if you say sex robot in anything you do you'll win a medal).2nd: Leather shorts' "vibrating underpants". Do they sell these? If so linkthat shiz up son.....1st: Rotwang:" I'm going to be watching this and laughing my ass off."Wow Rotwang, YOU actually LAUGHING after watching something??!! That'shilarious!!! Gold medal baby!"