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January 12, 2010


Obviously this is not my thing, but I couldn't resist.  

And he might think it's flattering but Overzet will also have to pick the winners.  (yeah, O-Z, that was in the fine print I didn't send to you but thought of in my head, so it totally counts).

Check it out in full - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uuTAhpLIMQQ

Note from the desk of Overzet - 
"First off, I want to thank you all for making fun of me.
Second, suck my balls rotwang.

Results and what not:

Honorable mentions and what not:

First off, I know what RA means Junkstuff. And YES, they do wear those. I
really don't know which junker to give the honorable mention to, but i
choose the evil twin whichever one that is. Make yourself known.

Grizz: "Overzet Makes me laugh".

  - Damn Straight I do.

3rd: Jason's "sex robot" comment. ( I don't remember what it was, but
chances are if you say sex robot in anything you do you'll win a medal).

2nd: Leather shorts' "vibrating underpants". Do they sell these? If so link
that shiz up son.....

1st: Rotwang:" I'm going to be watching this and laughing my ass off."

Wow Rotwang, YOU actually LAUGHING after watching something??!! That's
hilarious!!! Gold medal baby!"