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June 05, 2017

"Donald Trump is very bad."

There was a President who did not act very good. The president’s name was Donald Trump. Congress, who also wasn’t very good, impeached Mr. Trump, even though they weren’t very good themselves. Republicans were concerned with their image, which also wasn’t very good at the time. The impeachment proceedings made very good copy for newspaper editors and news stations, whose coverage of the impeachment proceedings were very good.

President Trump did not act very good, especially when FBI agents burst into the White House and served him a federal indictment. He screamed, he howled, he kicked his feet. “This is not very good,” he said, as he was escorted from the Oval Office, handcuffed.

The trial was very good. “You’ve acted very badly,” Judge Patrick D. Nickerson informed Trump.

Trump’s lawyer, Michael Dean Cohen, tried to convince Judge Nickerson otherwise, that he had been treating Mr. Trump very badly.

“Collusion with Russia is a serious, traitorous offense. Mr. Trump, I am sentencing you to one hundred years behind bars for being Vladimir Putin’s personal hand puppet. What have you to say in your defense?“Judge Nickerson asked.

Trump insisted this was not very good. "Your honor. You have treated me badly, very very badly.

Trump hated everything about the Bayview Correctional Facility, except the Jell-O.

"This Jell-O is very good. Very, very good,” Trump said.