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November 16, 2008


Well it wasn't on purpose that I found myself watching HAIRSPRAY with my mom and my eight year old neice. I went over to take them out for breakfast this morning and hung around a little while afterwards. HAIRSPRAY came on in the back ground and my neice wanted to watch it. Well in the opening few moments I commented that that movie was set in Grandma's day. And the conversation began.  Mom said, " Yea, it sure is, those slips that they are wearing are called can-cans, my mother used to iron mine by hand for hours and she used tons of starch to get my skirt to stand out that way." I knew grandma, she was tough, by any standard, I came late to know anything soft about her. It took me back a little, the thought of grandma Ironing a can-can for her daughter. That was cool. My review of the movie, excellant. It was a great movie. Not many movies taught me something about my own family this year, that one did, cool to me anyway. Has there ever been a movie moment that opened up a learning moment within your own family like this? Please share.