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September 13, 2008


   Howdy all. I'm writing this as an attempt to relieve some of the worry & stress I've been going through lately. You see, I've made friends with a handful of people that I'd met online, at another site..but came to know better, here. I never knew anyone who lived in the path of any damn hurricanes, before. Hurricane Hugo really ate me up, I was worried sick about one friend, & thrilled to death to hear from her again, afterwards. What a relief! When you've never been to an online friend's house, you kinda paint a picture in your head of what it looks like. At least I do, complete w/that person pulling weeds or mowing the grass, maybe tossing a ball for their dog in the backyard. When a hurricane hits, & their power is out for days, you hear nothing from them & the stress intensifies like the storm itself. I pictured my friend having survived the storm, w/o a generator but with plenty of food & BBQ supplies. I imagined that she was fine, just couldn't hop online to tell me or anyone as much. Cleaning up tree branches & debris that got blown onto her property. I found out from her later that she & her hubby would fire up the car & watch DVDs w/the AC blowing to escape the boredom & heat. I can also see how these simple activities filled their healthy hours until the power was restored.

   This Ike is a different story. A direct hit on Galveston & surrounding areas. Our other friend, Ken, was in the direct path of this storm. If you read in the Katz n' Jammers forum here, he describes his house as being quite fort-like. That's great, but now we play the waiting game. We wait for the power to be restored so he can hop online & tell us he & his crew are fine. My friends I've made here are tough, or they wouldn't be my friends, but not invincible. He doesn't have a generator, either. So do me a favor & shoot some prayers or just good thoughts down that way to our friends affected by this storm. I'll go on picturing him & his wife picking up tree branches & debris that got blown into their yard. Checking on neighbors, BBQing & firing up their car to escape the heat in a little AC. Filling their healthy hours until the f'n power gets restored...while we wait to hear from him.