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June 27, 2018

The HBO hit show has everyone scratching their heads. We're here to clear a few things up.

Following the season finale on Sunday, Westworld fans have once again been left scratching their heads. I caught up with executive producer of the hit HBO show, J.J. Abrams. Here’s what he had to say.

Me: J.J Abrams, thank you so much for joining me
JA: Please, call me Jay Dot Jay Dot Abrams
Me: Well, congratulations on the finale
JA: And all the other episodes before it
Me: Sure, yeah. I just meant-
JA: I know what you meant
Me: Was there-
JA: Did you like it?
Me: I did, I thought it was great
JA: Did you understand it?
Me: Well that’s why we’re here, J.J. Abrams, I’m not alone when I say the entire second season was incredibly difficult to follow
JA: Did you see Lost?
Me: Erm, yes. I did
JA: Ok, well this is Lost but with robots you can fuck
Me: Well, it’s interesting you say that because Ed Harris’ character is-
JA: Unfuckable. You could fuck him but why would you? I mean look, if you came to the park and you had the choice of Harris, Hopkins or Logan? It’s Logan ain’t it? You’d rattle that to fucken bits wouldn’t ya? Christ I would. Harris and Hopkins have a combined age of about 300. Logan is peng and he’s not even a robot. That’s the beauty of it
Me: Right. I mean Logan is handsome, there’s no question there
JA: Handsome? Handsome? Fuck me, he flushes handsome down the toilet every morning. No, Logan is fucken hot, man. Come on.I would put my whole head up Logan. I would put my whole head up him and not wash my hair for a month
Me: I think we’re maybe going off topic
JA: I would let Logan shit on my chest, scoop it up with an old shoe and feed it to me
Me: God, ok, look-
JA: Logan could walk in here right now holding a glass-no-a fucken bucket of piss and I’d drink it. Not because it’s is his piss - it might not be, it could be a random bucket of piss what he found, I dunno and I wouldn’t ask - no, I’d drink it because I’d do anything to lighten the load for that majestic sex hound
Me: …
JA: And then I’d lighten both our loads

It was at this point Abrams just stopped talking altogether. Ten minutes passed in silence before he excused himself to go to the bathroom.


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