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March 16, 2010


Ok ok ok i have hijacked my little sis laptop to post my blog cause basically i havnt bitched in a while so here i am.

Right important stuff first as you can proberly guess i have limited acsess to the internet and until end of month (might be longer ) so until then and too be honest what i ve been doing something for a couple of months is tweeting. Yes i said it im tweeting this pointless bitchyness and random strange thoughts to twitter if you wish to follow the link is below and i must say twitter gets alot more addictive than groing your own land with flowers or saying look at me look at me im pretty.

Right new song 'When You Left' is finnished but as i havnt had acsess to a pc and editing software all i have managed to do is film the 2 scenes (yes theres more than 1 for a change) but will have that up asap .Also getting a few more in mind and will start writting soon .

so what have i done ? Well writting ,tv ,holiday with the missus to the caravan ( i say that like i own 1 or know of some1 who owns 1.Do i fuck starting price £29995  i wish i had that bcash but i dont.

Anyway just a short bitch 2day self checkouts .Now i dont have the same prob as some its not tahat i cant get the items to scan OH NO thats not the problem but the fact they dont shut up especailly the ones in asada . e.g. You have scaned a bottle of juice (just 1 bottle of juice not a pack not even a 2ltre bottle just a small bottle).You think i wont take a bag ill just carry it (This way you think your helping save the planet when reallky its cows that are mostly to blame for the amount of co2 on this planet ) anyway you dont bother to put it down and just before you put your money in . 'PLEASE PLACE ITEM IN THE BAGGING AREA' You think no itll pass so u stand theer like an idot for a couple of mins before you think 'ok then i will put it in the bagging area' so you do and after anothere 5 mins it finally registers you put the item in the bagging area and proceeds to comand you like a soft spoken dominatrics 'PLEASE DEPOIST YOUR CASH IN THE SLOTS PROVIDED'(or somthing along those lines) so you put a 20p in then  without a flash  'PLEASE DEPOSIT YOUR CASH IN THE SLOTS PROVIDED' as you stand there and think yes in this day and age its easy to get somthing out of a supermarket for 20p .I as a badly educated male (yes badly even a monkey at edinburgh zoo ) would understand that i have yet more to pay BUT it does it again i feeel really soryy for the hobos and homeless and skint folk who end up paying for your shopping with 10ps A WHOLE MONTHLY SHOP  that would just be suicide youd go on a killing spree and end up in a mental instutute .

Anyway this was ment to be short and im getting carried away so heres the twitter link 


And goodbye till next month or if i see on the street or tralk to you online or ...... ya know ill just leave it Bye from the Pie