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So 3 guys are on a road trip and they brake down next to a farm house on a back road. So  the 3 men go up to the farm house and ask if they can use the phone to call AAA. The Framer tells them his doesn’t have a phone but they can stay there until he can fix the car. The 3 guys give the framer some cash for putting them up for the night and the cost of fixing the car. After all that they ask where they can crash for the night becuase it is getting very late. So the Old Timer tells the boys I don’t really have any Room so One of you needs to sleep out in the Barn with the pigs tonight & one in the other Barn with the Sheep as for the other you can sleep in the room with my Daughters as long is there no kinky stuff. As the next day comes along and the old man asked the men if any got anyone got any rest last night. The first guy said to the farmer not really the pigs where porking all night long. Second guys said not really the sheep where baa baa banging the whole the time so no!. then the third guys said I sleeped like a Rock after a few rounds of shooting my balls off in a few holes Last night ;-) if you know what am sayin! And right as he said that all 3 men where shot in the head with shells from a shotgun by the old man and then they where raped to death by him. then end. The point of the story is that old man is stil driving around that car of there's to this very day. An that car is made by Ford so come on down to BJ Riders today and pick up a Ford!

A Lady goes into a dilldoe shop and asked the guy working there to show her a few dilldoes. So the guys pulls out few and starts to ask what she thinks of them. She was like no no not the wooden one that would give my pussy some wicked f in splinters, and not the Metal one that would hurt when am ripping it up on my cunt so no no the metal one would  be way to damn hard on my pussy fo sho yo! ;-) So she points a cross the room and asks what does phat looking cock right there do? The guys tells her that its the magic dilldoe what ever you say it will do to you big sexy, but it will take a whole lots of moeny to buy that f*ckin sh*t. O f*ck it she said. So the lady buys the magic dilldoe. An on the drive home the lady said Magic dilldoe magic dilldoe go up my pussy. The magic dilldoe goes up her muff and she starts to get off she starts to speed up very fastly as she sees a cop hit his light she starts to squirt all over her car. So the lady pulls over to finsh as the cop comes up the car and he asked the lady way she was speeding? The lady tells the Cop it was my magic dilldoe I swear! The cop says magic dilldoe my ass! and  it goes up his ass and f*cks him to death!

i once gave a ladie a "Log Jammer" That is when you hump someone in the dumper when there taking a sh*t! it just kind of happened.

An if you don't like these jokes then there is going to be a meeting between my face and your ass i mean your ass and my face you mother f*ckers. WUZ UP!

Well i has gotz to go because am making shartbet butt cream.  

Note to self: "When asked if i want a humpty dumpty done to me just say no."