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January 19, 2011

oh just read it...its about a boy, alcohol, a desire, and his penis

Drinking makes you do stupid things…


Fellas?  Have you been caught passed out, sitting up on the couch, with your pants around your ankles while having a “kung fu” grip on your penis?  What? Like you have a better example of getting caught with your pants down?

embarassed panda bear


So I’m sitting there, mouth open, head back, gripping my dick.  I looked like that drunk guy at the party, you know, the one thats constantly giving everyone the “Thumbs Up” as he’s sliding down the dining room wall seconds away from humiliating moment #4: smacking his face on the hardwood floor and getting a HUGE cock painted on his chin…i think thats #4 AND #5 right there.

Needless to say MY “Thumbs Up” was NOT my actual thumb…instead my thumb was my penis and after at least 4 hours in the same position….my “thumb” was kind of leaning.  It was a kind of half-assed Fonzi greeting, instead of “HHEEEEEEYYYYYYY!!”  It was more like, “..eh..?”

Another drunken mistake was one Saint Pattys’ Day meeting of one soon-to-be-EX-wife…and the same ex-wife was the happy camper that found me giving her my final answer.

Thanks for reading…so many more dumb things to report!

pajamaMOUTH, later!