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April 10, 2016

Turns out Russell Crowe is a 13-year-old boy at heart, and Mike O'Brien is a powerful black woman.

Russell Crowe hosted Saturday Night Live this week, and it was … interesting to witness the comedy stylings of one of the world’s most dramatic actors. Interesting in that now we know that Russell Crowe seems most at home making jokes about lady genitalia! Sometimes it worked — like when he suggested that his character John Nash, the genius mathematician professor in “A Beautiful Mind” was actually a “goofball” that saw numbers appear “that look a lot like the word BOOBS!”

And to all of you young people in New York, let me say this: voting’s for nerds. I mean who cares, just sleep in!

We saw some great political satire and physical comedy from Kate McKinnon as Hillary Clinton addressing her losing streak — starting with an attempt to enunciate the word “lose.” Hillary is now trying to convince New Yorkers the she just loves “The Fat Apple” — even if she has some trouble swiping a MetroCard. But just like real New Yorkers: “I never sleep, I’m in a hurry to get to work, and when I’m running, I really hate it when a slow old Jew gets in my way!”

The New York Primary is this Tuesday and states across the country have set up these new voter ID laws. But is the real purpose to disin-French fries people?

Later on, Kenan Thompson reprised his Al Sharpton hosting Politics Nation — but this time he’s joined by none other than the real Reverend Al Sharpton, who was game as hell (considering the dunce caricature Thompson has cultivated for him).

I’m sorry, just to clarify: that’s Pogie Pepperoni on a skateboard about to go on one of his famous adventures?

Beck Bennett and Kyle Mooney team up later in a short film to play a couple of way overzealous manchildren who have just been hired to work at a mock-Chuck E Cheese called “Pogie Pepperoni’s.” The joke is that this has been a longtime dream of theirs and they’re trying their best to contain their excitement in front of their apathetic supervisor Charlene (Leslie Jones).

You get a car, she gets a car, all you knuckleheads are gettin’ cars.

Finally, Mike O'Brien presents another one of his surreal short films in which he plays Oprah in a biopic. Is it satire against Hollywood whitewashing? Or is it just an excuse to do a bunch of exceptionally awful impressions? Whatever it is, O'Brien got a dig in there about Oprah being on every cover of her magazine — maybe that’s what it’s all about.