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Dear Hufflepuffs,

Get your heads out of your butts.

I know last House Cup Slytherine won, but this year, let's at least come in 3rd place.

This is my proposal.

Let's get every single Hufflepuff on pottermore every night. Duel once, or brew one potion. That way we'll actually have a chance.

It's really that simple.

I'm on right now dueling away (I mean, I've lost all but two, but that's still 10 points for Hufflepuff)!

Look, I understand if you aren't happy being in our house. I wasn't for the longest time, but now I'm more preoccupied with living vicariously through a virtual reality.

Why finish my formal first draft of my play, when I can duel the other houses all night and eat pie?

Because I'm a fucking G, that's why.

Don't make me slap your butt like they do in athletics (or so I hear).

All the best (but only if we win)



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