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November 12, 2012

"Us" and "trust" are a couple words I can't spell without "U", but there are at least forty other words that you can't spell without "U".


For some reason, a song exists in which the opening verse has Justin Bieber belittling the life of those who are starving, homeless, and broke, saying that it's all okay if he were to have a girlfriend, and now he doesn't have one, so I guess that is an instance of this "karma" I have heard so much about. 
What intrigues me further is that his comrade "Big Sean" (no relation to Notorious or sitcom actor Sean Hayes) says that "us and trust" are a "couple things" he "can't spell without U". I guess this could read as him trying to be romantic and clever, but to me this reads more like he was given the easy words in a spelling bee.
Here are several more words you can't spell without "u". 
"Sunrise, sunset"
"House of the Rising Sun"
"Soft, cuddly, kitten"
"Until we meet again"
"Four more years"
"Reuben sandwich"
"Unread e-mails"
"Jumbo shrimp"
"Tuesday Addams"
"Eddie Munster"
"Bush tax cuts"
"Donald Trump"
"Joshua Romney"
"Second cousin"
"Jabba the Hutt"
"Stomach ulcer"
"Stanley Kubrick's films often depict the dark side of human nature"
"Forrest Gump"
"Bundle of hay"
"Will you subscribe to my blog?"
"Bacterial culture"
"Kangaroo's pouch"
"Dark makeup under my eyes"
"Rabbit soup"
"Donut arms"
"Saddam Hussein"
"My soul is crying"
"I mourn the death of a generation"
"I don't like talking about it"
"Jamba Juice"
"Pro-communist propoganda"
"Bonus points"
"Foreclosed house"
"Public service announcement"
"I should have worn a helmet. I wouldn't have this injury if I had worn my helmet"
"The Underworld"
"Lizard mutation"
"Quotation marks"