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October 23, 2010

The story of how one action movie became the biggest disaster film that was never seen.

It was sometime in the 1990s, the fire at Universal Studios was already in the news and we where filming this big action film called "City of Blaze", it was never finished. We had some big actors at the time, none that I'll say here but this one actor, it was his first movie, his name was Pete Z. Henson. I was told by my a friend not to hire him but the studio loved him. We had this scene set up there was a romance scene, some of the pyro was set right next to me and we didn't have that much security that night because of cut backs. For some reason Pete was atleast two minutes late getting out of wardrobe, his line was "Hey stud" but the craziest thing happened. Started running faster then we planned and he missed his mark, and and then he came back just as fast on his mark and instead of saying hey stud he said "He's got a gun!" scared us so bad I jumped out of my chair and the controls fell on the floor and I couldn't stop everything from going off. My action film turned into one of the biggest disaster epic that no one has seen. I only got one reel of film from the hole production, I'm hopping to use atleast a few minutes of it in this new movie I'm shooting. If only the 3D conversion on the old film goes well.