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Published: October 01, 2010
Description: Ignoring Home Alone 3 and 4 this movie follows on from the John Hughes classics of parts 1 and 2 (ignoring the fact he wrote part 3 as well). Kevin McAllister trying to overcome his suppressed childhood trauma by becoming one half of a professional babysitting team. Their first job is to take care of Will Smith's disobedient kids in Las Vegas. Introducing the characters of Kelly and Bobby Caruthers, a wisecracking cop from New York.

Kevin McAllister has grown up and is trying to overcome his suppressed childhood trauma by becoming one half of a professional babysitting team with Kelly. Their first job is to take care of Will Smith's disobedient kids in Las Vegas.

Introducing Bobby Caruthers, a wisecracking cop from New York.

Kelly, Kevin and Will Smith’s kids are standing on the bridge between the MGM and
New York Casinos, looking down Vegas Blvd just before sunset.

Kelly: Well, there it is.
Will Smith’s son: Woah!
Kevin: Magnificent!
Will Smith’s daughter: Is this… heaven?
Wise-cracking cop: If it were heaven I wouldn’t be working nights. My feet are
killing me! The name’s Bobby Caruthers.
Will Smith’s son: Have you ever shot anyone?
Kelly: Haden!
Will Smith’s son: Sorry.
Wise-cracking cop: Oh it’s okay. There was this one incident… haven’t talked about it since
Kevin: Hey, can I go to the hotdog eating contest tomorrow?
Kelly: Kevin you’re an adult, you can do what you want.
Kevin: Will you come too?
Kelly: But then I’d have to bring the kids and you know how impressionable they are.
They’ll want to enter the contest!
Kevin: Not if they see someone throw up!
Kelly: There’s no guarantee that will happen.
Wise-cracking cop: She’s right. It’s only professional hotdog eaters that come to Vegas. If you throw up from eating too many hotdogs, then a Vegas hotdog competition is not for you.
Kelly: Alright we’ll go, but you’ll be the one explaining their newfound hotdog addiction to their
parents when we get back.
Kevin looks worried.
Wise-cracking cop: Don’t worry about it. It’ll be a fun day! I’m doing security down there
tomorrow. If anything goes wrong… I’ll eat my hat alongside 14 hotdogs.
(Later on when things do go wrong WC is true to his word but spends a lot of time
shopping for an edible hat during the end credits.)
Kelly: I’m sorry, things have just been a little tense. It’s our first professional
babysitting job. We’re professional babysitters. Aren’t we, kids? Kids?
Wise-cracking cop: Okay, don’t panic. I’ll call in some backup.
(Meanwhile Kevin is hunched over, hands on ears, rocking back and forth)
Wise-cracking cop: I think your boyfriend’s under a lot of stress.
Kelly: He’s not my boyfriend, he’s my babysitting colleague!
Kevin: Lost… Lost in Las Vegas…
Wise-cracking cop: They ain’t lost, they’re playing by the fountain. And to think… I almost called for backup.
Kelly: Get out of there! You’ll get splashed! (running towards fountain)
Wise-cracking cop: Is she always this uptight?
Kelly: (Yelling from fountain) You don’t understand! If they get lost, they might have
to fend for themselves by finding a house full of booby traps. And they haven’t even
completed their training yet!
Wise-cracking cop: And I thought me and my ex-wife were a bad couple.
Kelly: He’s not my boyfriend!
Wise-cracking cop: How can she even hear us from over there?
Kelly: (Yelling from fountain) We have to be careful! These things are more common
than you’d think! Kevin got separated from his family on two separate occasions,
fought the same two burgulars each time and suppressed the trauma from both events.
Wise-cracking cop: I’d normally make a wisecrack about that, but childhood trauma’s no joke.
K: What?
Wise-cracking cop: How come she can’t hear me now?
Kevin: She’s deafened herself by shouting.
Wise-cracking cop: You guys have some problems! Still, I like you guys. I’ve got a heart of gold you see. Here’s my card. Give me a call if you need me.
Kelly: The kids are lost again!
Wise-cracking cop: (Putting on his cap) Get me my flashlight!
Kevin: I don’t know where it is.


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