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July 14, 2009


I couldn't find any rope to David Carridine myself like I promised yesterday if i saw one more MJ special.Now,Latoya who I alledgely remember doing a Playboy or Penthouse spread wearing a snake.Maybe,a boa constricter or python.Maybe,that was Nasthasa Kiniski.Or,me when I was drunk and stoned out of my fucking mind.Maybe,Hustler who knows and who cares.Latoya is claiming that it might be murder.Whoa,a rockstar doing too much drugs.That could never happen in a million years!!! Note:That was sarcasm.Anyway,I think I need dental floss to tied up my gentials.Just joking.I need an acaonadona,a big ass snake from the Amazon.Some women told I already one of those.It's just my penis.Here's a link to the music I like.I gotta work some new posts.Last one I did for that blog was about a year ago. P.S.The ceiling is too low and too weak me to perform a David Carradine.