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January 08, 2016

Hot tips for career success!

Some Business Tips

- When shaking hands with someone, make sure to grip their hand as firmly as you can and maintain eye contact. It is important that you grip their hand so firmly that they are wincing in pain. You must win the handshake.

- During presentations make sure you are asking important questions. Things such as “Who knew budgets could be so boring?” and“Can you believe this guy?” are good examples. Address these questions to the rest of the group instead of the presenter.

- Networking is key. Find out where your co-workers go to get drinks after work and go there too. Ask them why you weren’t invited and sob until they feel guilty.

- Walk around the office with confident, long strides like you have something important to do. People will be really impressed and then they might even offer you a job there.

- Studies show that when people have to work harder to hear your words they value them more. So whisper when you ask what Microsoft Excel is used for.

- Find out the name of the CEO of your company. Email them and tell them you know who they are. CEOs are really impressed when employees take the time to learn their names, the name of their spouse and home addresses.

- The early bird gets the worm! This is an old proverb about how scary birds are. Avoid any meetings or functions taking place outside where they live.