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December 07, 2009


So...I have mentioned that my daughter's bus driver is a bit of a brow beating moron who I don't complain about because I'm too reliant on his punctuality. And, honestly, I haven't lost my shit because he's a bus driver already, you know? He's of a certain age and he hasn't been lucky in life in terms of attractiveness, intellect or personality...so it's kind of like shooting fish in a barrel.  I have to deal with him between 10-15 minutes a day, I can spare some goodwill, no???  So, I ignored his comments about how the blanket that I've chosen to give my daughter isn't good because it's too long and it will get dirty on the wheel wells of the chair.  Guess what?  I chose that blanket as a "bus blanket" because it's a cheap, polar fleece blanket that will keep her warm and I don't care of it gets dirty or not.  It's not about keeping the blanket clean, it's about keeping my daughter's legs warm as it's a cold day and is supposed to snow this afternoon.  
So, she's all fastened in and my daughter tells him that we took her to a hockey game on Saturday and he thinks about that for a moment and then turns to me and says "Do you ever bother to take her to a recreation center?"
I'm floored.  I respond "I'm sorry, but did you just ask me if I ever BOTHER to take her to a recreation center? Is that what you just asked me?"
You'd think that he'd immediately, based on my tone, go into a survival retreat mode, but instead he has the nerve to press on and actually raises his voice a bit while doing so "My POINT is, they are in a wheel chair, so they are always sitting and it's important to exercise."
I LAUGHED in his face!
"She's in a wheel chair?" I practically spit at him. "I hadn't noticed. In eight years of rearing her, I hadn't noticed."
"You shouldn't get angry." He tells me AGAIN, what I "shouldn't" do "I just don't know what they do for her at school and you and your husband should take her for swimming or something."
"Wow." I say as I look at Kelly and her friend who are smiling little wry smiles because they can sense the tension building.   I smile back at them and roll my eyes and say "Have a good day girls."
I say nothing else to him and step off the bus.
The bus leaves and I'm thinking to myself....where does he get the nerve?  Maybe he's not stupid and actually he's just a frustrated and bored little man with a big mouth who enjoys getting a rise out of people and I'm sitting here wondering at this moment if I should call the company and request a new driver rather than making it personal.  A reasonable person is someone you can pull aside and just ask politely to refrain from certain behavior because you're both adults, whatever.  But, my intuition is telling me that he'd enjoy that, he'd probably get worse and then complain about how I am so unreasonable because he thinks I'm just some lowly "woman" who should endure being patronized, after all it's just him offering his helpful "opinion" and I shouldn't take it the "wrong way".  How about this, if you can manage with your little peanut brain to assess that someone is taking something the "wrong way" whenever you do something, how about NOT doing it? 
I'm actually thinking right now that I'm going to call the other mother, since she would also be affected if I asked to be removed from his route (he only picks up hers and my daughter), and see if I'm just crazy or if he's as pleasant with her as he is with me.  If she hates him also...it's a done deal.