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Published September 22, 2010 More Info ยป
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Published September 22, 2010
Yeah, Hammacher Schlemmer has some giant giant products that serve no purpose whatsoever. Of course, we want them. Badly.1. Gumball Machine - $3,9002. Inflatable Water Slide - $9,0003. Two Story Inflatable Black Cat - $2994. Dog Cage - $1,7505. 5ft Tall Stuffed Horse - $9956. No Idea What The Fuck This Is. But I Want It - $35,000 7. Shoe Train (Makes the list because it's technically a shoe) - $3,9008. Personal Submarine* - $2,000,000*Technically not a giant product. But c'mon, it's an effing submarine that you can order from a catalogue. If you have 2 million dollars to spare, that is.