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Published November 29, 2012

Comedy is always a positive fact for makers to get success. A little story with lots of laughter punches can grab a numbers of viewers towards box office. 'Hyde Park on Hudson' is all set to entertain the comedy movie lovers. Movie is going to be release on 7 December, 2012 worldwide. The flick belongs to comedy genre as it can be seen from the trailers. It may be risk for the entire crew of the film as there is not a solid story that can glue the viewers even if there are not out of order comedy.

The film is directed by Roger Michell, who has directed numbers of movies before 'Hyde Park On Hudson' and Persuasion, Notting Hill and Titanic Town are some of them. 'Venus' is his best flick till now, which is also a Drama and Comedy film, so it is good for him as he is best in this department and his upcoming release also belongs to the same genre.

Writer of the flick is Richard Nelson and this is the first time, where he is working as a screenwriter. So there is a combination of experience and newcomers. Well, it is interesting to watch what the results will be! There is brainless comedy that means viewers do not need to exercise their brain in order to learn anything about the film.

The story takes place in 1939, where President Delano and his wife invite King of England to spend a weekend at their home. Queen is along with him.  Hyde Park on Hudson is the house, which is situated in New York. The couple of a high standard family is arriving at America for the very first time after World War.    

After arriving at that place, numbers of international topics are juggled with lots of complex matters.  Further movie depicts the bond of two families belong to different nations. Everything happens in a very comic way.  At the end, the couple gets a life changing experience in that weekend.

Bill  Murray appears in the character of President Franklin, while his wife's character is played by Olivia Williams. Samuel West portrays as king. All of them are experienced and talented actors, which can make an ordinary script to a hilarious one.  'Hyde Park on Hudson' doesn't have a compelling plotline, but it has artists, which can be the reason of success.