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June 07, 2017

There’s nothing better than knowing you have the house to yourself!

There’s nothing better than knowing you have the house to yourself! You don’t have to worry about where you drop your dirty laundry or how many tubs office cream you eat – you are the king of the castle.

So, what does actually happen when the door closes and you have the whole house to play with? Here are the 10 funny things we all do when we’re home alone.

1. You nap

Yeah, you are like a wild party animal and you enjoy the fact that you can sleep without anyone judging you. Napping is definitely one of the top things we do and we don’t just take regular naps.

2. You make weird food combinations

Somehow, when there’s no one around you decide to become Gordon Ramsey. Well,only in your own head as no one else is going to like spaghettis and wiches. But heck – why not? Food is wonderful and when you’re alone you need to experiment. You might just discover that ice cream and ketchup taste fantastic.

3. You sing out loud

Whether you are in the shower, cooking food or watching TV, when there’s no one watching you start singing. You might be singing and reading this post right now. You don’t just sing a little either – you sing as loud as you can and you’ll probably throw in a few moves.

4. You watch embarrassing YouTube videos

Yeah, all those favourite videos you always like to trash talk and those cartoons from your childhood, they go on the playlist when no one can see you watch them. We like to spend a lot of time watching videos,especially the ones that we find a bit embarrassing we like.

5. You try to take serious selfies

Now, serious selfies are funny because we mostly end up looking stupid in them. But when you’re alone, you put on your best clothes, you find those cool locations in the home and you try to be a model. Unfortunately, you probably just won’t end up looking like the queen of selfies, but who cares! You’ll have a phone full of pictures taken by you indifferent rooms.

6. Pretend you won awards

Whether it’s a Grammy, an Oscar or the Olympic gold, all of us will practice that all-important acceptance speech in front of the mirror. You might even try to fake the tears to ensure the dramatic effect is at its best.Sometimes you throw up the whole award ceremony and practice walking onto the podium to accept your award – which might well be a bottle of vodka that you just found in the cupboards.

7. Prank call your friends

You might be 40 with kids, but when you’re home alone you go and you prank call your friends. It’s like being home alone takes the years off you and remember how fun it was when you were 12. If you don’t have the courage to call, you will at least trick them on social media. Then you’ll probably invite them over and drink a lot of booze while giggling about it.

8. Turn on the lights and walk around with a baseball bat

If you’re one of those who don’t spend a lot of time alone, you’ll start going mental when you need to do it. So, as the night starts falling, the fears begin to creep into your mind. Suddenly everything is a threat and you feel safer having all the lights on and something to protect yourself. The idea of staying home alone isn’t that fun after all,now is it?

9. You shop for something stupid

When you’re alone you’ll probably end up drinking a bit too much wine and then you decide to be super funny and go online. You browse discount vouchers online and end up ordering Star Wars-inspired decanters from Thehut.com.You might even decide it’s a great idea to surprise your neighbours with a huge garden gnome. Next day you realize that your hilarious idea of surprising them with one has just cost you £500 and probably tons of angry looks.

10.You start a new hobby

We also get a huge motivational boost when we are alone. You’ve probably decided to get that summer body by starting Zumba or doing the latest yoga practices in your living room. Perhaps you decided to get into comedy and filmed your own Funny Or Die videos or you started writing a novel. The only problem is that the motivation often dries out as soon as someone comes home – or we find a hilarious cat video on YouTube and decide to watch it before we master our future career or hobby.

So, there are tons of funny things we get up to when we are home alone. The good thing is no one is looking!