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December 28, 2009


Amoraea Dreamseed has been facilitating transformational experiences for over 8 years throughout the United States. His personal shamanic awakenings and inner initiations with Cosmic Master Teachers and Direct Source have opened his channels to create a unique synthesis of healing and DNA activation.
Each of Amoraea's group ceremonies and seminars are an exploration and embodiment of "The Divine Human" and the conscious transformation of the Species. Lightbody Breathwork, Sound vibrational healing music with didjeridoo and crystal singing bowls, guided visualizations and meditations, DNA activation of the Tantric/Pranic lightflows in the subtle bodies, and higher dimensional awareness are just some of the tools Amoraea offers in his group ceremonies and seminars.
DNA activation - DNA activation is an evolutionary process to activate the dormant strands of the DNA. Number of people is getting aware of processes to shift the DNA energetically. The DNA activation and clearing process pioneered by Amoraea Dreamseed and offered is among the most desirable approaches. The time has come to implement DNA activation and open new possibilities and choices.
Lightbody: When we engage the Soul as a vehicle towards Source, we begin to establish an Axis of Light upon which to clearly travel through the subtler dimensions of Creation. It is from this state of spiritual definition that we can journey through the upper branches of our own Cosmic Tree and make tangible our Higher Self. Techniques for staying lucid in heightened consciousness guide our ability to sustain these states and bring permanent shifts in our daily lives. Heaven on Earth is a boundless journey integrating the Divine into form.
Once our connection with the Divine is established, we can precipitate the dewdrop of our Individual Light as it pertains to our Life Path. We each carry unique Light Codes that are designed to unlock and manifest – these seeds or divine blueprints hold the keys of why we chose to enter the Earth Journey. Clarifying our vision and refining our own inherent magic are fundamental to prepare us for walking our Purpose. Amoraea's Visionary Art and healing music are also direct ways in which to access these qualities.
Group Ceremonies are used to ensure the new holographic template for spiritually embodied living lands all the way into the cellular structure.
The intention in his more extensive seminars is eliciting sustained harmonics of thought, will and consciousness that shall permanently advance you through your evolutionary Design. Through Lightbody and DNA activation, we begin the bio-physical process that will restructure our entire nervous system for our ensoulment.
Healing Music & Soundtracks for Ascension
Each of Amoraea's CD's are designed as sonic templates for soul journeys, higher consciousness activation, and deep meditation. As virtual soundtracks for Ascension, this healing music is also perfect for massage /healing sessions, ritual/ceremony, yoga, tantra, and dreamtime journeys. All are 52 minute unbroken compositions designed to keep you in a fluid stream of experience.
Through Amoraea's radionic/quantum imbedding of higher harmonics, cosmic vibrations, and sound geometries, these healing music CD's are catalytically loaded with frequencies specific to 'Ensouling' one's Human Nature. Listen with your Whole Being ! Music has been important part of the healing process. Healing Music has been used for years to create change. One of the greatest things about healing music is, it helps people ignite the soul with high truths and open doors of illumination. The nature of Amoraea's healing music is based on true spiritual experiences.
Amoraea's healing music soundtracks are utilized widely across the World by various Healing Arts Therapists, Yoga and Meditation teachers, Healing and Wellness Centers, and Metaphysical Stores.

Amoraea's Visionary Art pieces are holographically encoded images that evoke memories of our Spiritual Heritage.  The Quest for the Soul hidden behind all incarnations, the spark of Intelligent Light behind each molecule of matter, the Eternal Essence behind every culture and time period – these Visionary Art themes that are universal and speak to any heart upon their path of Awakening. We are being called to live Life as High Ceremony, to discover the Sacred Covenant between our souls and Source Creator, to rise to our masterful status as Lightkeepers, Priestesses, Wizards, and Servants of the Life Divine. Throughout all his Visionary Art you will find the nature of Co-Creation inherent, as this is the Theme of Life – sacred relationship, collective stewardship, active participation with Source. These 'Ensouled' images are intended for interactive holographic engagement with your own Higher Self. Each Visionary Art painting may be received as a living altar or sacred gateway, and indeed make for powerful images to place at your altar or space of meditation for recurring memory of your Perfect Ascended Nature. Like music, visual information is a universal language that awakens ancient future memories of our very purpose and existence.