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May 19, 2008


Traveling from the north of Scotland to Oxford via train is a PAIN IN THE ASS. Okay, it is not as bad as the bus, at least in hours - but it is a loooooooooong trip nonetheless and after one gets to Newcastle the train starts to get crowded and smells, well, BAD.

To add insult to injury - don't do this trip on a Friday and turn around and come back on a Sunday. Your ass will never forgive you for sitting so long.

I realize you can walk up and down the train but where are you going to go? Not to mention, what are you going to do? People get annoyed if you 'visit' their car too much and they look at you like you have a bug on your face or a split in the seat of your trousers.

I have decided that next time I journey south, I shall either take the Caledonian sleeper train or just fly easyJet for about the same damn price.

I'm still checking my backside for bedsores...