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October 26, 2010

Kanye West can't tweet his way out of the truth- he's the voice of a generation and and a member of the Illuminati.

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Just as we all suspected, it would seem as though Kanye West is a member of the Illuminati.  Suspicions have been aroused once again with the release of his newest video, “Runaway”, which depicts occult images and hints towards his involvement with the power behind the throne.

Using his most valuable resource, Twitter, Kanye made attempts to clear his names of the Illuminati accusations.

I’ve got question about “the illuminati” … what is it exactly ???… and why do people think pop stars have a membership???!!! LOL

That is laughable out loud, Kanye, very laughable out loud.  Don’t play dumb with us.  You really expect us to believe you don’t even know what the Illuminati is, and meanwhile wield the power to make people think this is socially acceptable?

Or perhaps we’re supposed to rest easy knowing that your tweets are coming from these hands:

Try and Tweet your way out of that corner, Mister West.

Is illuminati and devil worshipping like the same thing… do they have a social network that celebs can sign up for?

Question 1:  No, they are not the same thing, but way to try and throw us off the scent.  Question 2:  Yes, there is.  It’s called Twitter.  You’re using it right now.

The Eatery restaurant in NY on 9th Ave @ 58 St. is officially my favorite breakfast spot in the world! The stuffed french toast is crazy!

Oh really?  Well isn’t that just a little too… Hm.  Okay, this one actually seems to be about eating breakfast.  I wanted to think he was somehow trying to pull the French toast over our eyes, but I guess not.  That place sounds good, actually.  Maybe I’ll just pull up the menu online.

Wow, only $8 for an Illuminomlette and a New World Order of bacon.  I take it back.  Kanye, you might just be the totalitarian voice of your generation.

My name is t.j. and this blog is now controlled by Kanye West.

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