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September 23, 2009


Public Library Computers SUCKS ass but it's still better than my phone and I know get at least a hour.I was writing an e-mail to my friends from back in the days and got wrong bus and almost got lost in the desert.Luckily,I got a cool bus driver who helped me out and I got to my old hood Barrio Hollywood in West Tucson.I believe it got its name from some illegal aliens who popped their head from the back of the trunk.And,"Hey Look at the Palm Trees;we must be in Hollywood!""No man,we're just in the barrio!!".A so-called friend made a bad racial joke and told her,"You know I'm part black!You need to eat 47 bean pies to make amends!".I love being an other.That's what I put down when somebody ask me about what race I am.Human race.I spew so more venom if I got time,today.