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Mary J. Blige - I know you've been blondish in parts of your career, but I mean no disrespect.
The Chicken farmer association - I'd like to declare that no chickens were hurt during the writing of this funny, especially not in the head.
The Islamabad Hilton - that was the best 5 bucks "massage with benefits" I got in my life. You can earn a billion dollars, doing just that.

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October 24, 2011

Look people, you KNOW that you and I are like hommies. I don't keep anything from you: so here's a message I wrote to Paris, when I realised she's ON THIS SITE.

Oh my gooood!!!! Paris - you're on this site too? I can't believe it!!!!
It's like sitting in a KFC, watching a chicken wander in. Oh my god! Oh my God!
By the way, Paris - have you ever 
actually  BEEN to a KFC? Don't worry, It's a real classy joint - the owner is a Colonel and evrything. Man...you're so beautiful. I hear you got a real good singing voice - you're like a blond Mary J. Blige. Listen, Paris, I hate to impose - but can you send me some of your perfume? It's for my kid-sister, see. She's a little retarded - but I'm hoping she'll grow up to be just like YOU. O.K. I gotts to go: There's a reality show coming on. It's about this blond girl and her friends - dealing with the whole brain-transplant experience. Come here, come here, give us a kiss - no? O.K.. Tell Tinkerbell I said hi - that poor dog. Did you make her eat your homework back in school? O.K. hugs and kisses. You're gorgeous, baby. I hope you and I can send each other messages everyday. O.K. Bye!!!