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January 08, 2009


At the beginning of this week, actually, for about three weeks this Bitch has been distracted by a dastardly, impish peacock and said Bitch has been having her mind and other areas monopolized by an unprecedented yearning for some face time with said peacock. The fates aligned and kept us at polite distance and I was getting quite annoyed by the way I was being completely dominated by my feelings, letting common sense, reason, dignity, all slide away in favor of being preoccupied with some fairly lurid thoughts and ideas which weren't managing to get actualized for many frustrating and unforeseen reasons. Well...I thought I was losing my mind. Then, I read his essay. Yah. Talk about a cold shower! When he speaks, I get lost in my giddiness and laughter is a very, VERY potent aphrodesiac...but...on paper...let's just say that something gets lost in the translation. I sent him an e-mail that said "I really thought I was falling for you...and then I read your essay." It's not the first time I've been cured by diction, but it is the most recent.