All things must end, and one of those things included in that group of all things that must end is this season of Saturday Night Live. That’s right, this weekend the show closed out its 40th season in the capable hands of host Louis C.K. What did YOU think of this latest episode? Sound off in the comments, or even give your friend a quick phone call so you guys can talk about it — which reminds us, why don’t people call each other as much these days? Man, don’t get us started.

At first, the cold open seems like just a simple musical about summertime, but then there’s a surprise twist added to the mix — POLITICS. This grand, season-finale-worthy opening got the whole cast involved, which was very nice to see! #PutTheWholeCastInEverySketch #AtLeastThinkAboutIt!

A funny prank that SNL could play is to coerce Louis C.K. into doing a song monologue or one where he barely gets to talk and it’s mostly the cast members carrying the monologue instead. Those would both be huge surprises since, as a talented standup, C.K. is so good at delivering monologues on his own. Viewers would probably get real mad about those pranks, like even madder than the people who are mad at Louis C.K. for his “risqué” material in this hot mono:

One sketch had Leslie Jones and Louis C.K. meeting their respective matches (each other) when C.K., caught impersonating the speaking mannerisms of his black female boss (Jones), has no choice but to pretend that those are his speaking mannerisms, too. If that sounds good to you, check out the video below, and if it sounds like it could be either good or bad, check it out anyways, because the jokes and people in it make this concept work very well, so you might like it. If you don’t like it, just scroll down to the bottom of this page to get your refund on this article, JK.

Two clips from Saturday night were so short that you could have blinked and you would have missed them, especially if your blinks are 30 seconds each, but they are very good so try to keep your eyes open for a minute! This next sentence is where an additional thought would go if there was more to say about these Wood PSAs but, since we’re not sure that there is, we’ll just say watch below:

For the season’s final “Weekend Update,” Colin Jost and Michael Che pulled out the big guns (one gun is a cute video segment and the other gun is a funny joke about the wording that went into Deflategate). Then they pulled out a big QUARTERBACK, Taran Killam’s Tom Brady, who uses his charm and perfect life to deflect all questions about deflating balls.

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