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April 06, 2015

Deepak Chopra desperately wants to be looked at as a normal person.

Hi citizens. Deepak Chopra here. The other day I was out walking my Cocker Spaniel, Gypsy (NOT on the beach), and I noticed a beautiful couple debating on whether or not to approach me and say hi. But just as I turned to wave, they got spooked and ran off! It made me very sad inside because behind the robes and novels and money, I’m a normal person like everyone else and I just wish people could see that . Here are some pictures below to prove it.

Deepak Skeleton.jpg

Just me and a great friend goofing around… oh, yeah, and Meredith is pretty great too ;)

Deepak on the Comp.jpg

These are my two assistants Matthew and Damian. They’re showing me how to put these very pictures in to this very article. I can be a bit of a question mark when it comes to computers lol.

Deepak and his Bro.jpg

This is me and my bro Sanjiv as young men. We love and fight just like any old pair of siblings who grew up to be doctors/International Best-Selling famous guru-like spiritual healers

Deepak in Africa.jpg

Me hanging in an airport. You can’t see, but there’s a Cinnabon over to stage left. I LOVE carbs and processed sugars.

Deepak Fountain.jpg

I know this looks much more exotic, but rest assured guys, this was not taken in South Africa during a down time at a major spiritual conference. It was at the Promenade in sunny Santa Monica, CA where I live sometimes.

Deepak and Assistants.jpg

There’s me and my assistant Damian again along with his assistant Sanjita just hanging.(That is not my tablet Damian is holding I SWEAR.)

Deepak Selfie.jpg

If this doesn’t show you how normal I am, then I don’t know what will. Snapchat? Selfie? Smiley Face?? Come on people.

Deepak vest.jpg

Would a crazy unapproachable person still get his fleece vests at Old Navy??? I don’t think so!

Deepak and Oprah.jpg

Ok, I know what you all are thinking, but that’s actually my friend OKRAH and I in a photo booth. NOT OPRAH. She hears how much she looks like Oprah ALL. THE. TIME! Don’t mind the big OPRAH MEDIA GROUP lettering either. That’s an inside joke ;)

So there you have it guys. That’s me looking as normal as the day is long. No robes, no chanting, no book signings, just me hanging with the people and the places I love the most. Also, did you notice that I’m wearing the same red sneakers in almost every photo? You can’t see it, but even in the picture of me and my best friend Okrah I’m wearing them! Now what kind of high-profile a-hole would do that??? And with that I rest my case. Hopefully the next time someone sees me they don’t put much thought into coming up and saying hi, they just do it. Because as I always say “The Brain is what the mind does.”
– Deepak Chopra.