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September 05, 2008


its official folks, we've made it to los angeles!  is that how you spell it? angeles, or is it angels, don't know, dosen't matter.  the point is, now what?  We are the minority is a brand new city, we've got our oscar shelves all dusted and our speaches memorized.  however, the only oscar i've seen is the guy down at the Super Marcado, oscar martinez, good guy but he ain't gonna get us nowhere. 

We are very excited about being here, its time to get those shitty part time jobs (i'm gonna be a phone book deliverer, anyone done that?), get some head shots, stand in line with the rest of the jagoffs who like us think we can be movie stars, and sit back and wait 10 years to get a supporting, one line role in a Renny Harlin film. 

We are excited to finally be here, very soon we will start releasing new full length sketches, and we're even more excited to be teaming up with some of the most honestly hard working and talented groups on this site: Kimberly McBride, Ricky Shore Sings the Blues, and Felonland films, its gonna be very awesome.  I just hope we aren't a bother trying to put the little talent we have into their genius material, and i really mean that!

but seriously, where's our golden globe?  The only shiny golden globe i've seen is the one hanging from Chim Chim, our landlords neck.

honestly, anyone who does not live in california needs to move here immediatly, its an amazing place, i haven't seen a cloud in 5 days, even Dave McBraver has a time share down here!

really, where do i get my Emmy?  The only emmy i've seen in days is the one who whilstled me an offer of a good time through her 3 good teeth for 300 bucks in vegas on the way down here, i gave her my dentists number.

ok, well just wanted to annouce our arrival, i better get outta here before i think of a inevitably disturbing joke about my teen choice award

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