On my commute this morning I saw a busker on the subway platform at Union Square in New York City. This by itself is an unremarkable occurrence, but this busker was oddly specific in his choices:

He was a white guy wearing an Obama mask playing smooth jazz on a saxophone with a sign that said #TrumpCant'tSwing. I have a few questions for this busker in the off chance he sees this article online, which I list below:

Why are you wearing an Obama mask?

Is it because you are in support of Obama or against Obama?
Wearing an Obama t-shirt (with the iconic HOPE imagery, for example) or an Obama button would be a clearer message. But the mask could go either way.

People who are fans of athletes wear the jerseys of their favorite player, but wearing the mask could also be interpreted as a mockery.

And additionally, there is a strange racial element to this. Is wearing a black mask tantamount to black face?

Or perhaps I am thinking about this too much. Maybe you are just a guy wearing a mask of a recognizable figure.

I have more questions.

Why are you playing smooth jazz on the saxophone?

Since there is an Obama mask and Trump written on your sign, I am thinking about presidents. As such, when I see a saxophone, I automatically think of Bill Clinton.

Is there a reason you didn’t choose to wear a Bill Clinton mask?

And why are you playing smooth jazz when your sign says “Trump Can’t Swing”? I assume that “swing” is meant to be a reference to the music genre of “swing,” since you are playing a musical instrument. If this is the case, why aren’t you playing swing music? Is a saxophone an instrument even associated with swing music?

I have more questions.

Why does your sign say #TrumpCan'tSwing?

This seems like a dig against Trump, right? So I assume you are anti-Trump?
It feels like “Trump Can’t Swing” is meant to be a double entendre of some sort, but I don’t understand the wordplay that is going on.

Is “can’t swing” a common phrase for a derogatory statement? It feels like you might mean something like “Trump can’t hack it"or "Trump can’t hang.” But what does Trump can’t swing mean?

Swing, of course, also has a sexual connotation, as in the idea of “swingers” or people with multiple sexual partners, or people who “go swing.” I doubt you mean to evoke this, but I can’t help but wonder.

I have one more question.

What is the meaning of what you are doing?

What political statement are you making?

Are you even trying to make a political statement?
Were you just trying to get people to stop and notice you in order to get a few bucks dropped into your saxophone case?

Or were you intentionally trying to create such a confusing mix of symbols that are each 10% away from making a logical coherence that it would drill its way into the minds of people passing by so they wouldn’t be able to stop thinking about it until they either wrote an article about it or had their brains literally explode???

Please answer these questions at your convenience.