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March 15, 2012

Have you been terrorized by a senior citizen? Send the right message.


I heard on the radio this morning a hilarious musing about a little old lady that cut a guy off in traffic. So the little old lady cuts the guy off but has the alertness to flip HIM off. So the guy pulls up along side her naturally and shot her the bird in retaliation. They exchanged middle fingers and funny faces until the both of them start laughing at the ridiculousness of the situation.

On ...my way home tonight a little old lady cut me off going forty five in the fast lane and flipped ME off. What a weird coincidence I thought as I pulled along side her blasting double middle fingers in her direction. She returned the gesture and we both died laughing.

I also heard while listening to the radio about some idiot redneck that won the lottery and wanted a new "trailer." So I'm going to purchase a lottery ticket hoping I'll win of course. And the next time I see that old bat I'll pull down my pants and show her my stink eye from the drivers seat of my new LAMBORGHINI you old whore! Fuck you and that piece of shit Prius Hybrid.