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September 05, 2010

So...I haven't been in for a while and I've been reading up on my blogs (which has brought me to laughter through tears, I will tell you!), and just trying to figure out how to even write a blog in here any more. I find it ironic that my last blog was macking on Mel and his temper when I have come to realize that I have a bit of a beastly one myself. I am ready to throw shit because I don't like my new profile page (I lost my therapist last year..I don't do well with change), and it bothers me. A friend of mine sent me a link a week ago and I went to it but you had to join to see the link, so I passed on it explaining to him that it wasn't personal, it's just that I would describe myself as more of a "lurker" than a "joiner". It's not that I'm above (or below) anything, frankly, it comes down to a pure lack of patience. I don't want to think about what I'm doing. That is not what I come on the internet for. NO THINKING. NO JOINING. DID I MENTION NO THINKING??? In all honestly I am NOT tech savvy and I get bored just searching the screen for an icon and will actively throw shit if I can't find something even it's right in front of my face I WILL BLAME YOU, and that will BE. It will BE, Mister Poopy-Pants!! What am I talking about again? Oh yes. Tempers.

Oh my GOD!!!!
Just wrote my entire blog in the DESCRIPTION category!!!
Why am I so PISSED????