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August 30, 2008


One of our FOD fearless leaders, Kim McBride is being treated unfairly by FOD, or is the victim of a web glitch.  Sadly, we don't even know which, as the FOD-webmasters have not responded to inquires. 

Please check out the following link to Felonland's blog post on the subject:


If you're also rightously outraged... and are a fan of Kim's.... Then please join us here at "The_Experiment" in lodging a group/user/fan protest in defense of Kim. 

The_Experiment was designed as a community forum (by Litho and I) for like-minded FOD'ers to gather together, exchange ideas, collaborate, etc.... so it seems more than appropriate to me that should grow in its purpose, and become a forum where we can come together and in order to speak up for ourselves as well.  

While it may be easy for the webmasters to ignore one of two users, if Kim's fans unite... they are bound to listen to us, or at least HEAR us. 

That said... now what? 

Well, I will be looking into the FOD "Terms of Service" and/or official policies as I can find posted on the website... so that any group protest we may choose to lodge can be well informed persuasive. 

At this point... if you want to join us... please leave a comment below showing your support (so I know your interested) and any ideas/thoughts you have on the matter.  

If you're not yet a member of "The_Experiment" please send us a message, and we'll send you an invitation and add you to the listed interested members.

Given the amazing awesomeness of FOD'ites, and Kim's fans, I'm truely hopeful we can resolve this with "the powers that be" without losing our faith and fun in FOD. 

And Kim....  KEEP ON CREATING!  You're awesome.  We're behind you.