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Published June 19, 2010
Good evening folks.  It's time for the new photo of the night.  Here it is, along with #4's results.  As always, thanks to all for the laughs.Results for #4Honorable Mentionbcdarr  (The little shits watch in awe as this big Turd shows 'em how it's done.)phukup (AND LOOK AT THAT FORM... BEAUTIFULL!)chuckkling (After launching himself headlong into the mud pit to the chants of "Git R Done", Billy's mindseye caught a glimpse of his reflection and saw himself for the first time, a humble, honest man whose easy style will impress you forthwith. Rising from the murky water to a thunderous applause, Billy "Got R Did".)3rd placeShadow88storm (John Daly never disappoints his loyal fans.)2nd placechuckkling (Tammy's ultra-white, reverse Popeye arm was great at harnessing the sun's rays for burnin' ants.)1st placeMadAdam (That ain't the only "mudhole" some of them boy's gonna be visitin' tonight.)Pockets daily caption contest #5