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December 17, 2009


fOD fans,

Good morning to all the awesome funny people of the world. Isn’t this the coolest fraternity/sorority you’ve ever been in? None of the social sights have anything on our little group. With the exception of a few of you, I know most of you by your clever profile pictures. Whether it’s a blue phone booth, a vegetable face, a green California, a statue of something, cartoon squirrels, people staring at a cat’s ass, or the many faces of Reba McEntire to name a few; I feel like I've known most of you a long time. It’s better than Facebook or MySpace. My kids laugh at me because I’m addicted to writing caps, but one day when they are old enough to spin a clever yarn about a picture, they too will be hooked. Anyway, I feel blessed to have so many people fOD calls fans…I call friends.


Today’s picture honors the running of the Olympic torch.  Have fun...

Results from previous NPIsc are soon to come.